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Warningcamp is part of the Arun Neighbourhood Watch Association.
The general idea means that all participating property owners in the area are responsible for looking out for one another in terms of security and well being. For example a large family might live next door to a vulnerable person living on their own who would really appreciate the help of a watchful eye keeping them safe.

The scheme hopes that it deters unwanted visitors and behaviour from areas, and property which is open marked with a Neighbourhood watch area.

In Warningcamp we have dedicated people who's responsibility it is to relay any information about suspicious behaviour in the village.

For more information about the Neighbourhood watch scheme or the Arun Neighbourhood watch association please visit their website

"The main objectives include but are not limited to :-
- Promoting home security and other measures which reduce the opportunities for crime to be committed.
- Fostering communications between members and the police.
- Encouraging members to be alert and vigilant and more observant during their normal daily lives.
- Watching over the vulnerable to prevent them from being victims of crime.
- Reducing the fear of crime amongst all members of the community - from the youngest to the oldest."

Sorce: Arun Neighbourhood Watch Association's website listed above.

Further advise on personal and property security and fire safetey a very useful site is
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme