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Pot Holes
An on going problem pretty much all over the world. There are some horrendous statistics out at the moment which talk about just how much pot holes cost drivers in damage and safety risks. The good news is, there are lots of websites starting up which collect data and submit to the councils. It's our duty to submit the pot holes to the website.  It's no guarantee, but it's certainly a starting point.

Find the website at

Drainage Ditches
It goes without saying drains and ditches get clogged up and blocked over time with debris and materials. Most locals to us will know of the problems we have had time and time again. Almost all of the drains in Warningcamp are of course just ditches. . You are a Riparian if you own property on or very near a water course and it is the riparians duty by law to keep these ditches clear.

In light of recent events, it is wise to know It is not the council's responsibility to provide sandbags and these can be purchased from Travis Perkins in Arundel.

Dealing with Snow and Ice
We are lucky enough to live in an area which rarely gets effected by much snow. However even the smallest amount of snow can be very dangerous. West Sussex County Council treats 41% of the local roads, including A &B roads, and smaller local access roads of importance. Warningcamp is not included in any of these so it is down to us to use common sense. At times of severe and prolonged snow, local farmers may start clearing the Burpham road.
See below advise for clearing your own driveways and streets near your property.

>Do it early in the day. When snow is fresh and loose it is easier to move.
Once it compacts, it can become harder and more dangerous. If it freezes this can cause conditions to rapidly worsen even faster.
>Do not use water to melt the ice, the snow is colder than any quantity of hot water you could pour on it. The water could just freeze and turn to black ice.
>Use salt to melt the ice
>Use ash or sand if you do not have enough salt, it can help create grip under foot.
>Pay extra attention when on steps or uneven surfaces.

Warningcamp has a couple of different supplies of salt which are placed in position most commonly near the Village pond during winter months. This is there to be used on the roads only to ease the situation at black spots.

Remember, the roads in Sussex are generally treated with salt, which can over time cause havoc with your car. Where possible and safe it is recommended to wash the underside of your car after journeys on salted roads.
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