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Time Capsule
In June 2012 members of the Village got together to create and bury a Diamond Jubilee time capsule. As an effort focused around the Youth of Warningcamp many different types of artifacts were enclosed into the time capsule which will hopefully create very interesing memories once dug up again in years to come.

Local and Visiting children were encouraged to bring a small item commemerating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to a party held prior to the capsule burrial. These items are among others now inside the capsule, and children who brought items were issued with a certificate recording the object, with their name and address so the item could be claimed back after 4th June 2037 when the capsule can be excavated and opened once again.

As tradition dictates the capsule was buried in an undisclosed location actually in Warningcamp , making the whole project slightly anonomous. It is pleasing that a small Village such as ourselves took the time and effort to create such a memory.

See more photos of the capsule and burrial on the Photo album page.

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